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Blues Americana

22/03/2024 Brasserie Achturenhuis, Ledebergplein 39, 9050 Gent
begin :  stipt om 20u30, tot 2u

25/11/2023 – Zaal De Blaaspijp te Koekelare

27 november 2022 – Herberg De Avonden (deuren 18u)

9 januari 2023 – Banana Peel Ruiselede (20u)

9 februari 2023 – MUZE café, Marktplein 3, te Heusden Zolder

25 februari 2023 – Daverlo Brugge

20 mei 2023 – Bluesfestival Stekene

27 mei 2023 – Duvel Blues – Puurs-Sint-Amands

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Verslag Roots Days te Fleurus op 6/8/2022 Rootsville

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Americana, as defined by the Americana Music Association (AMA), is “contemporary music that incorporates elements of various mostly acoustic American roots music styles, including country, roots-rock, folk and bluegrass resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound that lives in a world apart from the pure forms of the genres upon which it may draw. While acoustic instruments are often present and vital, Americana also often uses a full electric band.”

The band is named after the Freddie King Classic ‘Hide Away’ (1960). Just like this instrumental has elements of several songs and styles, Hideaway likes to play songs and styles that originate from different American musical areas : Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Soul, Gospel, Country, you name it … It’s the stuff they like to listen to while cruisin’ away in their Bluesmobiles.
Freddie King was one of the 3 fabulous Kings of the Blues : Albert, B.B. and Freddie. Check out their music!