Bio (En)

Hideaway a Flemish bluesband (hometown is Bruges) celebrates its 30th  birthday in 2016. For their 20th birthday they recorded a long awaited live album. Before they already recorded three studio albums. The title of the album is 76’51” Live, that’s the actual time you get music on this Cd. Several fans had asked for a live album. Seems that Hideaway ‘live’ is better than in the studio. The band has a long and adventurous history playing in practically every village in the country. They performed as backing band for many American artists that came to tour in Europe.

A couple a years ago obscurity threatened the group, nevertheless they continued to break new grounds. In 2012 they won the Belgian Blues Challenge. Winning this competition meant a free ticket to the European Blues Challenge. In 2013 it took  place in Toulouse (FR) 20 countries were participating, much to their satisfaction they achieved the fifth place. They already had experience in playing abroad. In the past they played concerts in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Canada and Sweden and given the great success it won’t be the last time. In march 2015 they opened the European Blues Challenge in Brussels with fiery enthusiasm.